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Clarijs Panniers Rosso

Clarijs Panniers RossoClarijs Panniers Rosso

The Pinnacle of Tradition

Like the cowboy boot or spoked bicycle wheel, there are a few designs that have stayed largely the same throughout the last century- not necessarily because we love them or what they represent, but because they just work. They work so well that no other design has been able to replace them, and so while fads come and go the majority of us continue to use and love the same things our great-grandparents did. That said, anything can be improved and made even better, as Clarijs has done with the oh-so-traditional Dutch panniers. Their bags follow a simple, solid, and traditional pattern, but use extremely durable materials, reflective accents, and quick-release buckles to create a bag that will probably last as long as your bike (as long as you have a "lifetime" Dutch bike). As form follows function, the Clarijs bags are also handsome, with a slick (and tough) high-gloss finish and uniquely crisp outline.


  • Sized to fit a full paper grocery bag or one of the Clarijs reusable shopping bags
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