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Bern Brentwood Helmet

Bern Brentwood HelmetBern Brentwood HelmetBern Brentwood Helmet

The Helmet that got me to wear a helmet, at least recently.  I must confess I did wear a helmet when I was a bike messenger in the last century and that old Bell  kept me alive in dozens of doorings, and more often than I'd like to admit, the poorly executed bunny hop onto the sidewalk and squarely into a parking meter and the occasional fire hydrant. We never counted the bankers.

In Seattle we do in fact have a helmet law, which I've flaunted until I was fined $130.  In my opinion, you should be able to wear one or not, it's your choice.  The Bern line of helmets have certainly made that decision easier.  Solid, well fitting and NOT hideous space junk designed by a stoner wearing Buck Rogers underwear.

We only stock the Brentwood, Berkely and the kids Nino & Nina.  What you see on our site is a fraction of what's in the store, but feel free to call us or stop by to see what other colors we have.