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Civia Halsted

Civia HalstedCivia HalstedCivia HalstedCivia HalstedCivia HalstedCivia Halsted

Rides Like a Bike, Hauls Like a Truck

Our new Halsted cycle trucks may look a little unusual, even for something from our catalog. Two different wheel sizes? A disc brake? A derailleur? Think on it a little more, and things start to make sense: the center of gravity is low, the component selection is light and tough but fairly simple, and the more standard American-style drivetrain allows for easy customization. Civia has always done extremely well in the details, and thoughtful touches like ring lock mounts and signboard-mounting tabs (if you’re not making deliveries professionally, this bike will make you want to start) don’t let down their reputation. You’ll be extremely happy to have all those things when you own the bike, but you’ll forget all about them as soon as you start pedaling. If the zippy, BMX-like handling doesn’t immediately put a near-painful grin on your face, the quick acceleration and crisp shifting will finish the process. Because the gigantic (17”x22”) front platform bolts to the frame rather than turning with the fork, handling stays easy and fun even with a heavy or bulky load. Whether your business is stepping up to local bicycle deliveries or you’re just hauling your briefcase, the Halsted makes it easy, cheap, and – most importantly – fun!


  • 52 cm 4130 Cro-Moly frame and rack supports
  • Recycled HDPE cargo deck (with available box sides) is light and strong...and can be worked like wood, for all you DIY'ers!
  • Plenty of clearance for fenders (available as a set)
  • Wide-range 9-speed rear cassette and single front ring
  • Solid double kickstand
  • Mounts for ringlock and signboard (PDF template available)
  • Sprung synthetic saddle and ergonomic grips
  • Versatile frame design allows for front derailleur or internally geared hub upgrades
  • What you see in our online catalog is only a fraction of what we carry and we're constantly finding new designs and better solutions, so please call us toll free to order: 1-855-900-2453.